The Pros of Baby Bibs


Several things come to mind when you give birth to your baby, and one of the problems most parents face is buying the right items they need to raise their baby properly. However, it is important to note that the use of bay bibs essential in child care.

There are different types of baby bibs you can use to care for your child, and each of them have their pros. Generally, baby bibs have the following advantages:

  • They can be used to keep your baby clean
  • They avoid dribbles which can come in contact with baby’s front and stain the clothes
  • Even when your baby consumes solid food, there are still chances of dribbling, thus using a baby bib can help prevent this.



Different baby bibs are made for various purposes and have different features. These features determine when to use them and which one is perfect for your infant.




The name “Bandana” is given to this bib because they are designed on the bandana, which means they are created by folding a handkerchief in half to form a triangle. Afterwards, it is tied around the neck for decoration.


  • It is suitable for infants who are dribbling or continuously teething since it looks like clothing items instead of bibs.
  • It can absorb a lot more dribble when compare to ordinary bibs because it is placed rather high on the neck of babies
  • Since it is tied around the back of the neck, babies find it difficult to remove them.



These bibs are familiar and are usually made of plastic. They have a feature at the bottom of the bib which looks like a trough and catches food as it falls. However, these bibs can only be used during meal time just because they can be very uncomfortable.


  • They are easy to clean and only need wiping down after use
  • Using this bibs give babies some level of the independence as parents can allow babies to feed themselves when it is worn. This is because they can reduce the mess made while eating.



As its name implies, this bib covers all the upper part of the baby’s body. It is made of plastic and look like jumpers, instead of a traditional bib. It is perfect for older babies who can feed themselves but are ignorant of the art of cleanliness.


  • It allows babies to move their arms freely and adequately
  • It prevents a larget part of the chest from dirt.
  • It is made in different designs thus kids find it enjoyable to wear.
  • It is extremely easy to clean


It is important to use a bib as it will help save time while feeding your baby. However, many people seem to think they are not needed, but actually, they are needed.

There is no point wasting time just to feed a child, also why deny your child the fun of eating conveniently instead of poking them around the lips due to poking. Using a baby bib enables infants to have their meals in peace, and after eating, all you have to do is remove the bib and clean it.


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